Upholding Justice For Detransitioners

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Strong, Compassionate Advocates Standing with You

Even if you are convinced that a doctor or other health care professional harmed you through “gender-affirming care,” it is not a simple matter to document and present your case to a judge or jury. Campbell Miller Payne, PLLC was established precisely to pursue this area of the law. Our lawyers are accomplished and passionate about pursuing justice on behalf of our clients, including those who were defrauded or who experienced medical malpractice while in the care of doctors, medical clinics, and hospitals throughout the country.

Turn To Skilled Civil Litigation Attorneys

If you have a case after undergoing “gender-affirming care,” our team can help you prepare and present your case effectively. Our lawyers advocate for clients in negotiations, hearings, mediation, and trials. We are equipped to help you meet challenges while pursuing detransitioning support such as:

  • Bringing your claim against a doctor, hospital or any care provider before applicable statutes of limitations run out
  • Overcoming determined defense tactics on the part of your legal opponents, who may be doctors, medical professionals or personnel in charge of hospitals where you underwent “gender-affirming” surgery or other procedures
  • Presenting compelling arguments to persuade decision-makers to compensate you fairly

Our team includes attorneys with experience fighting large organizations in cases with high stakes. We are ready to do the heavy lifting on your behalf when you believe your medical transition happened after you had received inadequate counseling and had not been properly informed of the risks of, and alternatives to, cross-sex hormones and operations.

Zealously Seeking Justice For You

Litigation to recover for “gender-transition” medical harm is a very unique, sensitive, and new area of the law. It takes knowledgeable attorneys within this area of the law to gather convincing evidence, understand court deadlines and address jurisdiction-specific statutes of limitations and other unique medical malpractice rules.

You may think you have more time to sue a doctor or hospital than you do: statutes of limitations are often shorter than you would expect. As with your medical complications resulting from “gender-affirming” medicalization, the sooner they are addressed the better. You might be running out of time in a legal sense. Furthermore, every state has its own procedures, regulations, and laws that need to be addressed for you to bring a lawsuit forward. It is best to consult with knowledgeable attorneys who handle detransitioning-related litigation. Campbell Miller Payne, PLLC is a leading firm dedicated to such cases nationwide.

Our attorneys have access to a wide variety of field experts such as counselors, psychologists, medical doctors, surgeons, and educators. Our team and collaborating experts will review and evaluate medical records, legal authorities, and other documentation to support your case. We are sure you will benefit from working with us as you won’t pay us for our services or the hiring of experts unless we recover compensation for you.

We Are Here For You. Reach Out.

As dedicated litigators representing the detransitioner community, we want to hear your story. To schedule a free consultation, call 214-316-7156 or contact us through the website. We are available to hear your story and evaluate your case for your path to justice.