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Is Fraud A Reason To Bring A Lawsuit As You Are Detransitioning?

Transgender people have unique personal histories, and sometimes those histories include regrets and attempts to detransition back to the gender that aligns with the individual’s sex. Just as lifestyle and medical gender transitions have been on the rise in recent years, so, too are detransitioning stories increasing. Are you or is your close family member in this category? Do you wonder what legal actions may pave the way for you to receive compensation and support while you go through gender detransitioning?

To answer the question of what kind of legal action you might take, a review of your transitioning story will be very helpful. Your transitioning experience may have been strongly tinged with wrongs by professionals, including fraud and medical malpractice. To explore your options, consult with a civil litigator who will have your back every step of the way.

At Campbell Miller Payne, PLLC, our civil litigators are available to evaluate your case and will devise a strategy for helping you recover compensation for fraud, medical malpractice and other causes of action.

How Proof Of Fraud Can Unlock Your Case

Fraud involves the false representation of facts. It might be that someone knowingly withheld important information or provided false statements to you for the specific purpose of gaining something from you such as your patronage as a medical patient. The income that they earned for influencing and guiding you through gender transition would not have been possible without the deception. What kind of deception may have been at work?

They may have failed to inform you that:

  • As a vulnerable person with autism or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), your strong interest in gender transitioning was not necessarily proof of gender dysphoria calling for you to live your life as a transgender person assisted by surgery and/or hormones.
  • Your parents had the legal right to know and approve or disapprove of a school medical clinic’s role in guiding you as a minor through medically assisted gender transitioning.
  • There were known risks and limitations of gender-transitioning treatments.

Perpetrators of fraud against you may have been well aware of information that you as a target of deception were not privy to. The individuals or organizations that defrauded you may have known of the imbalance between the relevant information they had versus your lack of such information.

Get Our Civil Litigators To Work On Your Detransitioning Case

If our litigators represent you in a fraud case, our investigation will look for evidence of such deception and use it to document your compensation claim. We represent clients nationwide. To schedule a consultation, call 214-316-7156 or complete our online inquiry form. Your story is safe with us, and your case can begin with us.