Upholding Justice For Detransitioners

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Determined Litigators Championing Justice For Detransitioners

If you are considering bringing legal action after receiving “gender-affirming care,” you have come to the right place. At Campbell Miller Payne, PLLC our lawyers are accomplished litigators with unique perspectives and experience in this area of the law. We proudly serve clients nationwide and partner with local counsel in jurisdictions throughout the country.

Our attorneys understand the challenges clients face when they realize transitioning was not the solution they needed, and in fact, has caused great harm. Our lawyers will listen intently and will provide the personalized care each client needs. We respect clients and their confidentiality, as well as their rights to bring legal action after being wronged by the medical community.

Legal Options For Detransitioners

There are a variety of legal claims or lawsuits detransitioners may bring against their health care providers.
Examples include allegations of:

The detransitioning journey is deeply personal. Thus, a personalized legal process is called for to bring someone the compensation that they need. Whether it is through litigation, alternative dispute resolution methods, or negotiations, our trial lawyers apply their experience and knowledge to aggressively defend clients’ rights and seek justice for them.

Cautions To Keep In Mind

Detransitioning can be complex, both medically and psychologically. Depending on the steps an individual has taken in transition, some changes may not be fully reversible. It is important for anyone considering detransitioning to seek appropriate and timely support from health care professionals, mental health specialists, and supportive communities.

Detransitioning is a sensitive and challenging topic to discuss, and it is crucial to approach it with respect and understanding for the individual experiences of those who have detransitioned or are considering detransitioning. Our team understands how important it is to respect each person’s journey while also fighting for their rights.

Discover Your Path To Justice Through A Lawsuit To Support Your Detransitioning Goals

At Campbell Miller Payne, PLLC, our lawyers bring their considerable skills and strong track record in litigation to assist clients in highly personal and essential journeys to tell their stories and seek justice.

To schedule a free consultation with one or more attorneys about your detransitioning intentions, call 214-316-7156 or send an email inquiry.