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Legal Remedies When Gender Transitioning Treatments Involved Medical Malpractice

At its core, a detransitioning lawsuit may constitute a breach of care claim – a type of medical malpractice lawsuit. Medical malpractice cases fall into this category because health care professionals owe a duty of care to individuals they prescribe hormone therapy for or operate on through surgery.

At Campbell Miller Payne, PLLC, our talented litigation team includes a former commercial civil litigator and other award-winning trial lawyers. Our of-counsel attorney was part of a National League football team that once won the Super Bowl. Like our other attorneys who founded this firm, he knows what it takes to fight to win. Winning compensation for our detransitioning clients is a passionate cause for us all.

Was Your Transition Facilitated By Medical Negligence?

A thorough investigation may uncover the strong possibility that your “gender-affirming care” was medical malpractice for one or more of the following reasons:

  • You received a poor diagnosis if you had a different disorder besides gender dysphoria, such as autism or obsessive-compulsive disorder that led you to seek out transitioning care.
  • Your care professionals failed to review your medical history for evidence of mental illness or other compelling reasons not to administer gender-transitioning hormones, puberty blockers or surgery.
  • You were given hormones or surgery under the cloak of misinformed consent.

Our attorneys understand the emotional and personal nature of detransitioning litigation cases. They will diligently evaluate every detail of the case, and develop custom strategies that support your best interests and protect your rights. They will fight for your interests as a client with constitutional rights. They will communicate with you openly, honestly and with integrity during all phases of your gender detransitioning litigation.

Learn About Your Rights With Detransitioning

We represent clients nationwide in medical malpractice cases after medical care providers have perpetuated harm upon our clients through the process of gender transitioning. Did your gender-transitioning story include negligence or wrongdoing by a doctor, hospital, or any medical professional? For example, did your caregivers fail to offer and provide you with counseling before scheduling you for gender-altering surgery? Our civil litigators will investigate and analyze your case before preparing a plaintiff’s case on your behalf as you prepare to detransition.

To schedule a free consultation regarding legal remedies applicable to your gender detransitioning aspirations, call 214-316-7156 or send an email inquiry.