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How You Can Help

Contribute Financially

That’s why your help is critical!  By contributing to CMP’s litigation expense fund, your donation goes directly toward funding case expenses such as the costs associated with gathering evidence, medical records, expert witness fees, postal fees, filing fees, and all other costs necessary in bringing successful detransitioner lawsuits.  These costs can quickly stack up to amount to more than $250,000.00 for each case we take to trial.

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Offer Your Expertise

One of the largest categories of expenses for any detransitioner lawsuit is that for expert services.  Due to the medical complexity of each case, experts are required to advise the court and the jury as to the proper standard of care that should have been followed in each case and the resulting injuries for not following that standard.

Generally, our cases require expertise from various disciplines within the medical field, such as expertise in endocrinology, psychiatry, urology, surgery, and pediatrics.  Our cases often also require expertise in non-medical fields such as psychotherapy, medical facility administration, accounting, and others.

Serving as an expert usually entails significant time reviewing medical documents and forming a professional opinion about the conduct at issue in the case as well as being available for deposition and trial testimony throughout the course of the case.

If you believe you might be qualified to assist with one of our cases as an expert and are willing to serve on one of our cases, please complete the “Serve as an Expert” contact form.

Volunteer as an Expert!